Spring is Finally coming back to Ohio, but as you assess your property and plan for 2019 here are some items to review.

Is your building Ready for winter?

Here are a few warning signs that it isn’t, like leaking obviously, mold or damp roof deck or peeling paint. These can all be signs the roof is leaking and or condensation is happening

So what can you do to fix your roof? Well, permanent and semi permanent repairs made with permanent materials, are the best ways to prepare.

So how do you find the right company for repairs? Here are a few tips. Call at least 10 contractors who specialize in commercial roofing. Normally half of the people who respond to your request, will actually show up and normally 60% will follow through with a quote. So you end up with 3 quotes , and you dont need choose between, bad and worse. You can choose from 3 professional companies. The best choice is a company that has more than 5 years experience installing a ENERGY EFFICIENT  brand of roofing products and if possible to find, a PREFERRED CONTRACTOR, (A company who has earned this status , usually installs over $200,000 of material in  a year and is FACTORY TRAINED AND CERTIFIED) this is a VERY strong indicator of a roofing company’s financial health.

Unlike Quality Roofing Repairs, temporary repairs (Band-aid) can be a waste of money, because when roof is replaced the temporary patch will be removed aand discarded .

When it is time for a new roof, a correct insulation system , is one of the most important decisions to make becasue correct insulation system can offset or pay back the cost of roofing investment. Like and SPRAYED POLURETHANE FOAM system.

This system was invented in 1953 By Walter Baughman. He invented a machine called the Blendometer, the original machine designed to mix 2 componants to create a special type of PLASTIC ELASTOMER, OR EXPANDING FOAM

Some of the benefits include:


RETURN ON INVESTMENT, due to energy savings


* There are no cracks and seams to let ENERGY ESCAPE

* The high density of 3.0 LBS foam is waterproof, so even if the top layer is damaged the foam is still waterproof, so water cannot TRAVEL LATERALLY.

* FOAM, with a Polyurethane Modified Acrylic installed on top (Like Conklin Company’s PUMA-XL) is RENEWABLE and ENERGY EFFICIENT. Energy consumption is a very real concern for business owners because they understand wasted energy is money spent, not invested

A few drawbacks are:

* Installations are weather reliant. Spray Foam can only be applied in Temperatures betweeen 50 and 110

*Overspray can be a problem, extra care must be taken to insure that overspray doesnt drift on vehicles and buildings next to jobsites.

If you want to Budget the cost for a new roof in the next year,  this is the time to be thinking of budgeting for next year roofing projects because sometimes the opportunity to save tax money ends at the end of the calender year (sometimes building owners save money by buying materials at year end and storing them for following year installation). If a SPRAYED POLYURETHANE FOAM system is selected for installation, materials can be purchased up to a year in advance and stored on site while taking up very little floorspace. For instance a single pallet holds 2 sets of foam that will cover 6000 sq feet and only takes up 16 sq feet of floor space.

SPF systems installation only require a little space at the building, because the FOAM RIGS are mobile machines and if no tearoff is required, the building’s roof does not need to be taken off. All this leads to a roof being installed that :




DOES NOT disturb factory production while being installed

DOES NOT make a heat island effect , a normal occurance when black roofing is installed

DOES NOT require months of work with dumpster, trucks, and crew members causing a disturbance

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